Australian Rodeo Federation


The Australian Rodeo Federation was united between all major rodeo associations to form a united body, for promotion and protection of the interests of the rodeo industry and the promotion and protection of animal welfare in the sport of rodeo.

The Associations that form the Australian Rodeo Federation are :
Australian Professional Rodeo Association(APRA), Australian Bushmans Campdraft Association ( ABCRA), Central Rodeo Cowboys Association Inc(CRCA), National Rodeo Association (NRA), Professional Bull Riders Australia (PBR), Australiasian Team Roping Assocation ( ATRA), Rodeo Services Association (RSA), Queensland Rodeo Association ( QRA), National Rodeo Council Of Australia ( NRCA).

The Australian Rodeo Federation first to came to light while working through the standards and guidelines  for animals used in rodeo. If we are working  on national standards and guidelines then we must have national industry support. With all major rodeo associations along with the national rodeo council of Australia who represent minor rodeo associations the Australian Rodeo Association was formed.

Under the ARF banner there are approximately 450 rodeos throughout Australia with over 4,500 members traveling to these events.
One project first undertaken by the united federation was a survey to see how the overall picture may look for the industry, and with the response received there are more than 1 million people attending rodeo's, generating over 6.5 million in funds, that are being donated to community charities eg: schools, hospitals, cancer research groups, benefit rodeos etc.

The role of the ARF:

1 - Represent and inform  the rodeo industry on animal welfare issues.

2 - Promote accreditation courses for rodeo personnel.

3 - Educating the general public on the facts of general welfare and  the use of animals in the rodeo industry.

4 - To form a common set of competition rules to be used by all associations.


ARF current goals:

1- To have the sport of Rodeo recognized by the Government of Australia on a National level basis. This in turn would let Australia have a team to represent the country in the sport of rodeo at the Olympic Commonwealth games when event arise.

2 - To form a National data base of animals used in the sport of rodeo and injuries that may occur. 

3 - An Australian wide rodeo listing of events held throughout the country.